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We provide meth testing and meth screening services in Perth, Brisbane, Melbourne & the rest of Australia.

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Property Residue Testing began out of necessity. Australia is facing a meth epidemic and according to the United Nation’s 2014 World Drug Report, our nation currently ranks third in having the highest rates of meth use in the world.

Since 2014 the number of meth (an abbreviation for ‘methamphetamine’) users continue to rise along with the number of meth labs. Almost half of these meth labs are being uncovered in Australia at a rate of approximately 5 meth labs per day.

Meth testing properties has become best practice throughout Australia for property owners, meth testing for property managers, and for meth screening for prospective home buyers or sellers. We provide meth testing Perth, meth testing Brisbane, meth testing Melbourne, and meth testing Australia to these markets to promote meth contamination free living for everyone throughout Australia. If you suspect that your property might contain meth contamination, meth residue testing is your first go to. Meth lab testing can identify traces of meth residue and can aid you in making your next decision, which might be to remove the meth contamination.

For meth screening Perth, meth screening Brisbane, meth screening Melbourne and meth screening Australia, call the meth residue testing experts now anywhere throughout Australia on 1300 373 785 today and we can help you through the meth testing process.

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Property Residue Testing performs meth testing of properties throughout Australia for families, tenants, landlords, property managers, and many other stakeholders.

Under section 185 of the Residential Tenancy and Rooming Accommodation Act 2008, the owner/property manager must provide a safe environment for a tenant.

Meth lab testing services and meth testing Perth, meth testing Brisbane, meth testing Melboure, and meth testing Australia are all conducted in accordance with NIOSH Method 9111. Our reports are regularly used by Real Estate Agencies, Insurance Companies, Property Management Firms, Financial Institutions and other professional entities.

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Why Choose Property Residue Testing Australia?

Property Residue Testing employ verified meth lab testing practitioners and are 100% independant. W have no affiliation with meth decontamination companies and so are impartial to the outcome of your meth test. We are here to provide meth screening Perth, meth screening Melbourne, meth screening Brisbane and meth screening Australia purely for the indentification of harmful meth residue in homes throughout Australia.

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Frequently Asked Questions

Yes, stolen vehicles have a heavy association with Meth use, and it is likely that the thieves used Meth in your vehicle contaminating it.

Minimal exposure can cause: eye irritation, breathing difficulties, dizziness, headaches, irritability, irregular/rapid heartbeat, depression, paranoia, confusion, anxiety, nervousness, increased body temperature

Higher level of exposure can cause: cognitive function, behaviour, motor activity, changes in avoidance responses, violent behaviour, depression, irritability, hallucinations, mood swings, paranoid behaviour, sleep disorders.

If you do not know the history of your property than YES, if there is no known history of drug use/manufacturing, then a Base Composite test is recommended.

Definitely, there are many Meth related symptoms such as; Nausea, headaches, eye, throat or nose irritation, itchy skin, fatigue, shortness of breath or kids acting extra hyper to name some of the many…

Everybody has different susceptibility level and may feel each symptom different to the next person. If any of these symptoms are being felt testing is highly recommended and as soon as possible.

If there is no suspicion or known history of meth use or manufacture, a Base Comp recommended as it is the most cost affected test providing an average for the house regarding the safe level of Meth.

If there is suspicion or known history of meth or manufacture, a Lab Comp is recommended as it provides and average similar to a Base Comp however, has the advantage to further test the samples and provide which areas are over and require decontamination.

If a previous Base Comp has returned Meth levels higher than the safe level (.5ug/100cm2) or for validation testing post decontamination, a Detailed Forensic is required, provided individual Meth levels per area.

PRT DOES NOT suggest any unqualified decontaminator attempted the decontamination process. Decontamination is a highly specialised cleaning process that requires the correct chemicals, equipment and knowledge of both to implement correctly, eradicating the Meth contamination.

Meth Houses: This is what a house looks like when it’s used as a meth lab.

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Our Happy Customers

Judy Kusserow

Property Owner

I called Property Residue Testing to test a property I was purchasing as I have learnt the hard way buying property’s and not testing them only to find out later they are Meth contaminated then loosing out of rental money as the property gets decontaminated and restored to rental standard. PRT was quick and professional in providing me with a report. This property was all clear and under the safe level and I happily purchased the property stress free.

John Bec

Property Renter

I moved into a property that had a funny odour in one of the rooms. Every time I went in there, I would feel funny (I could not quite explain the feeling). After googling the issue, I found that it may be a Meth contaminated room. I engaged Property Residue Testing's services and was completely impressed with their communication and understanding of the issue. Property Residue Testing gave me a full report of the room that was 30 times the safe level for Methamphetamines. PRT then provided independent decontaminators to completely clean the room and allow me to safely inhabit.