Meth Residue Testing Prices

How much does a meth residue test cost?

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Regular property inspections to identify maintenance issues are expected by both tenants and landlords these days. Meth residue testing should be part of this regular routine. Apart from the obvious benefits of meth residue testing when levels are low enough to make decontamination relatively easy, the chances of meth use on the property decrease substantially, because tenants know the property will be screened regularly.

Vehicle Meth Assessment (VMA):

Standard vehicle size: (1-6 samples) $250 including GST
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Lab Composite:

1-3 Bedrooms (1-10 Meth samples): $300 including GST
4-6 Bedrooms (11-20 Meth samples): $400 including GST
7-9 Bedrooms (21-30 Meth samples): $500 including GST
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Detailed Forensic:

Call Out: $220 including GST
Per Sample: $122 including GST
  • 1300 373 785

Why Choose Property Residue Testing Australia?

Professional & Licenced Meth Testing Service

We have a group of trained and experienced technicians who offer independent and professional on-site meth residue testing and services for Australia's properties.

Under section 185 of the Residential Tenancy and Rooming Accommodation Act 2008, the owner/property manager must provide a safe environment for a tenant.

We can provide meth testing and support services to all metro and regional areas. If you require assistance with Meth Residue Testing in Brisbane Gold Coast, Sydney or anywhere throughout Australia, do not hesitate to get associated with us. Meth test kits can be purchased over the phone and provide an instant positive or negative reading.

Our clients range from property owners and investors, real estate agents, local councils and insurance companies to tenants, parents and individuals who want to ensure their existing or potential properties are free from harmful meth residues.

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